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Voynich MS decoding. Problem with dating

English version.

(For Russian version please visit/Русская версия -

PROBLEM with dating. (I want to appoligise for any mistakes in the text - it is a translation from Russian by Google and may be not yet completely verified).

Severe silence of masters of manuscripts research only occasionally broken by N. letters, the whole point of which was to the request for presentation of evidence of the keys.

At that moment I felt like Scrooge - drooping over with gold. The problem was that I found the keys to the main text, and any example of decoding at once gave food to competitors, especially to professional cryptologists ... Well, you know that I mean ...

In parallel to this, I was engaged in self-examination, choosing a page at random and making the translation of individual fragments. This, incidentally, has helped to clarify some of found keys. And, suddenly, I came across a text, the meaning of which was - "But it is in the details you can read the other way." The phrase has puzzled and forced to climb on the manuscript for suspicious nuances. And guess what - I found another 4 codes, and then another one!

Those. Six different encoding options! Six!

This was a surprise...

Then I decided to work with code №5 on the last page, because it was not repeated anywhere else and made it possible (if decoding was successful) to use it for the production of evidence.

The figures on the last page seemed to me suspicious ... Not in the right place somehow ... Well, you already know the result ... If not, you can read it here -

In short it comes down to the fact that the author had left quite easily readable signature and the date of creation of the manuscript, sounding almost literally on the last page in the above figures as follows:
Glory to the law of the way (Viva lex viarius! - in origin)! Edward Kelly. Creator. 1585 (or 90 or 95).

As for word "way" (viarius) I'm not completely sure, because the resolution of electronic image from Yale was not enough for that particular case. But the word "way" in alchemy rather corresponds to the meaning of the manuscript, and in this context refers to its successful completion. However, I will not insist. But what is meant exactly - glory to some law - 100%.

After publication of this article, I received several private comments - including the one from N.

All comments sounded about the same:
Nice work! But the MS dating is most probably early 15th, even can be late 15th with possible analysis mistake, but definitely not late 16th century. But Kelly is a good idea for further challenge.

Yeah ... I believe ... But guys, may I ask you to find the agreement with each other somehow, because:

1) If your assuming (if we follow just using "direct" logic) that Kelly is a good idea and in the same time you refer to 15th C - it somehow contradicts. Kelly's birth and death dates are known - 1555 - 1597. That is the second half of the 16th century...

2) Why on a web-site of the Yale library, on the official section of the manuscript ( no any hints to 1404 - 1438, but clearly stated - 1401 - 1599? May be specialists in Yale knows some secret, which they forgot to tell the rest of the colleagues?

3) I still trust to my eyes - - as it says "Kelly". If you do not believe me, try to read by yourselfs. You do not see the letters? Really? But they are there ...


We turn to the inconsistencies for dating. Chapter 3 and 4 of my initial article (also available on this site) , I also put the 1300 - 1500 so convincingly.

But I think that I'll not open a secret if I’ll give you some obvious arguments and logical assumptions about solving this puzzles.


- When someone says "radiocarbon analysis" in relation to the "manuscript", then – please point your attention - uses the erroneous word "manuscript". In reality that means the analysis of the parchment. Hope you understood the difference between "parchment" and "manuscript"? Same as for a stack of blank paper and for a book ... Radiocarbon analysis showed only when the animal (which skins went for the parchment) were killed. No more... It will not affects the fact when they these skins were treated, and it also will not affect the fact when they were used by the author to write the manuscript. Those there is a possibility that someone bought an old parchment and used it for their needs. Why Kelly could not do that? I'm even not speaking about his signature is on the last page.

To do this - the author (including Kelly as assumption) - had to be motivated. They are obvious to the primitiveness (on this later).

- Let's again look to radiocarbon analysis. No one knows where the manuscript was written. This determines the how big is the error in dating. For example, Northern Italy or North Britain. There is a difference.

What do we know about the the manuscript?

- In the fact that the period of stay on the throne comrade Rudolf II - the mysterious manuscript was acquired by him. For huge money - 600 ducats. Golden ... And if you believe Wiki - almost 2 kg of pure gold.

- The acquisition period of the MS by Rudolf suspiciously coincides with a stay at his territory (and finally at his court) of two cool friends - Johnny Dee and Eddie Kelly. Especially because of that knowledge about story of MS - the professional bookseller and antiquarian Voynich finally based his idea about the role of Dee as of middle man in the deal.
I do not know about the reputation of Kelly at the time of transfer the ownership of the book to Rudolf, but Dee had a very solid and excellent reputation. I am 100% sure that Rudolph, with his fanaticism for alchemy and the search for the philosopher's stone, was not informed of the modest role of Eddie in the writing of this remarkable work. Otherwise Rudolph will not spent 600 ducats even if Dee swore to the queen name and his own authority. Here we should keep in mind that Rudolph, who perfectly worked and collected manuscripts, should not had even the slightest doubt about the age of the manuscript and its contents.

The only I really wonder – was Dee devoted into Kelly’s scam. I think - yes, and he had a good reasons to make a small harmless trick to welcoming Rudolph.

Why? Simply - Dee was a Protestant, and Rudolph - Catholic. Moreover, an ardent Catholic. And just began to expel Protestantism in Europe ...

Dee, during his life in England, on his own skin experienced all the delights of "ardent Catholicism" of that time. In addition to the repression it was actually to the skin robbed by the British Crown in the face of the unforgettable Mary Tudor. Those, all that was accumulated his family, and that was planned to be used by one of most talented scientist John Dee also for the development of British science and for glorification and strengthening of UK - it was confiscated.

And if he wanted to take revenge ... However, was it really revenge? So, small light prank that gave also the possibility to become a little bit rich.

Why else would I think that Dee was devoted to:

- Unlike Kelly, at the time of their meeting, Dee many time spent in Europe. And a mysterious castle on one of the pictures ( with the wall teeths in the form of "dovetail") - as if a ghostly hint of northern Italy - could probably be his idea.

- Dee role was to convince the king to the authenticity of the manuscript, and to bargain for him a lot of money. To do this, he should have been devoted to the content and be able to read the manuscript.

- In a case If Dee himself believed in the authenticity of the manuscript - I do not think that he will be agreed not only to sale it, he would not be agree even on the publicity of its presence - for the manuscript which will gave to him an invaluable key to the philosopher's stone and the elixir of immortality. That is in comparison to such perspectives - 600 ducats?

Yes, my friends, I am not just simply asking you to find the answers to my riddles (you can find it on this site published separately) - the content of the manuscript (in whole or in a part – it is too lazy for me to read it, to be honest, as well as not so interesting) is devoted to what I said a few lines above.

Now let’s back to Kelly.

If you will read his story - you can find that he was really Genius! Even Dee, intuitively feeling a catch, however, believed his eyes instead of intuition ...

But this is true for you and me - we perceive with the same admiration professional tricks and illusions.

Kelly combined the outstanding talent and an incredibly piercing mind.

So. About the talent and mind of comrade Kelly. Something tells me that even long time before the arrival to the court of Rudolf our friends made inquiries - who is who and what... From reliable sources they find out that "Rudy is generous for money", as we would say today, but under certain conditions. After detailed discussion friends came to the win-win conclusion to focus on some of the most fashionable and expensive and unverifiable directions - the oracles, an ancient treatise, purple powder, nice legend + proper distribution of roles ...

Among other things, according to the meager collection of facts and rumors about the beginning of the Edward’s career - he has worked as an apprentice of pharmacist, and as a clerk/ copyist, and did some triks with papers, and even once to suffer for these things a crime, and perhaps even lost his ears because of that... Although I somehow doubt regarding ears. I hope Eddie has managed to save it by use of some of his tricks.

By the way, concerning his clerk/copyist work - it could be the source of the desired parchment (for free of course)... As an idea - why not to compare MS with other Kelley's works on parchment (if they exists of course). Also sent few samples of parchment to Arizona...

Something like that. And the ending of history with Rudolf you and I already know.

There is another very important point in favor of our friend Kelly – the date on the last page of manuscript can be read only if you use the English names of the constellations...

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